Calvin Morrison


I like the Unix Philosophy.
Less is More.
I like the C programming language. It is clean, concise, and unforgiving.
I am interested in Nimrod.
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I really like sim city 3000.
I love solving Rubik's cubes. My best 3x3 solve time is 47 seconds
I have the Rubik 2x2, 3x3 Dayan Speed Cube, Dayan 4x4 Stickerless, and and a Shengshou 5x5.


I am available for hire for any range of scientific programming projects. I specialize in rewriting your code into highly parallel high performing code. For more information view my Consulting page

Computer Vision

Tracking of Drosphila Flies for Automated Courtship Measurement


dna-utils - fast k-mer counting in C
quikr - Reconstructing bacterial communities using compressive matricies
POGO Online Database - 16s similarity might not always be the best
SelectiveWholeGenomeAmplication - primer design based on parameterized sweeps
Fizzy: Feature Selection for Genomics


Feature Selection for Python
Math Images



svte - a terminal emulator for X11
sb - a GTK/webkit browser
gstopwatch - a simple GTK stopwatch
hdaps-monitor - HDAPS monitor port to Trinity Desktop
mocicon - A systray icon to control mocp
hotkey - a x11 global hotkey launcher
Trinity Desktop Environment

Shell scripting et al.

lock - a shell locking mechanism
dc - a directory counter
fsbm - a small network bandwidth monitor

Kitchen Sink

My Battlestation.

Web Dev

HexScraper: scrape hex codes and display them
sass: a simple sass->css compiler


I run a house venue called Don't Tread on Me House
I enjoy playing bass guitar
I was in a band called Copyright Infringement.
I played bass in a band called Lucy Spacehead.
album reviews.