Comes meus fuit in illo miserrimo tempore'


I write perl now.
I like saabs. saab.jpg saab2.jpg
I really like sim city 3000.




i3-rename-workspaces - rename your i3 workspaces on the fly. semi useful.
svte - a terminal emulator for X11
sb - a GTK/webkit browser
gstopwatch - a simple GTK stopwatch
hdaps-monitor - HDAPS monitor port to Trinity Desktop
mocicon - A systray icon to control mocp
hotkey - a x11 global hotkey launche
Trinity Desktop Environment - kde fork with focus on classic HCI

Shell scripting et al.

lock - a shell locking mechanism
dc - a directory counter
fsbm - a small network bandwidth monitor
golf card game

Kitchen Sink

My Battlestation.

Web Dev

HexScraper: scrape hex codes and display them
sass: a simple sass->css compiler